Aims and Scope

Aims and scope

The concept of introducing a Tamjeed Journal of Healthcare Engineering and Science Technology (TJHEST) Journal from the Tamjeed Publishing was mainly conceived to provide a platform to share scientific, medical, engineering, and technological research findings from the academicians and scientists working in the country and their collaborators abroad.

Tamjeed Journal of Healthcare Engineering and Science Technology (TJHEST) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that is dedicated to publishing research in all areas of healthcare engineering and science technology.

TJHEST is a peer-reviewed, Open Access international, independent, and interdisciplinary journal that aims to provide a broad perspective on Sustainable electrical and electronics engineering and applied research in healthcare processes.
It's provides a vehicle for the exchange of Healthcare environment management
, and innovative ideas among healthcare engineering and Waste disposal and recycling researchers, engineers, managers, and consultants around the world. Topical areas include, but are not limited to:


Intelligence in Healthcare IT Systems

Environmental Data Analytics for Sustainable Decision-Making

Biotechnology, Nanotechnology

Eco-friendly Practices in Healthcare Facilities

Environmental planning and assessment

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Eco-friendly Materials in Electronics Manufacturing

Analytical Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry


Integrating AI in Environmental Simulation Models

Green Data Centers and Their Impact on the Environment

Simulation and modelling of environmental process

Biomedical engineering

This publication promotes the rapid and free accessibility of articles for Healthcare Engineering and Sustainable electrical and electronics engineering,environmental process and Integrating AI in Environmental Simulation Models researchers everywhere, who are linked together by their various research interests and their values in promoting benefits to all of humanity